Sara holding Combat-Ready Balm

More than 15 years ago, Skincando founder and esthetician Sara Damelio set out to fix her problem skin. After extensive research and formulation, she found her answer: her own line of 100 percent organic skincare. The famed Skincando products are made from the purest, cleanest ingredients and are handcrafted with care from start to finish in Sara's Washington, DC workshop.

Not long after Skincando was created, Sara received a request from a US soldier serving in Iraq for more of the "magic balm" that soothed his itchy, irritated skin. Sara complied, and created Operation Sand Flea, a not-for-profit arm under Skincando that donates a portion of the Combat-Ready products to members of the US Military.

In 2016, Sara partnered with Sandra Magwood of The Emerald Door green beauty spa and opened the 1st Skincando organic facial room + beauty boutique in Silver Spring, MD. Since the partnership, The Emerald Door has quickly become a favorite spa for clean beauty services in the DC-area.

Each day, Sara and Skincando passionately pursue their mission of improving lives—by nourishing people's skin and giving them peace of mind, while giving back at the same time.